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Risk Assessment and Project Support


The risk of induced seismicity is a central aspect of assessing the feasibility and economic viability of a project. In addition to that, a risk assessment is often required as part of the legal approval process. Q-con is one of the pioneers in the field of risk studies for induced seismicity. We have contributed to the development of the methodological approaches that are the basis for most of today’s risk studies. Furthermore, we have conducted about 100 studies on the hazard or risk of induced seismicity worldwide (e.g. Germany, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Georgia, Czech Republic, Finland, Australia, USA and Japan). Each of these studies is an original, reflecting both the project-specific, geological, and operational conditions as well as the local legal framework.

In addition to the risk assessment, we support our customers in efficient risk communication with the media and the public.

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"Very good professional assessment in the complex field of underground storage."

Andreas Klotzki, Geschäftsführer UEV Umwelt, Entsorgung und Verwertung GmbH

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