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Seismic Monitoring

For over 20 years, we have been operating seismological stations worldwide. We are committed to the highest quality standards. This is not only reflected by our peer-reviewed publications but also shields our customers from unnecessary costs on a regular basis.

Through the experiences gained in our other focus areas of ‘risk analysis’ and ‘risk management’, we understand the overarching context for passive seismic monitoring and the requirements for fit-for-purpose datasets.

We offer ready-made seismological monitoring systems targeted to our customers' requirements as well as operational services and guidance in any of the sub-aspects of the monitoring indicated below.

For a short-term deployment, we provide a permanent stock of about 25 mobile measuring stations with surface seismometers or borehole geophones (suitable for measuring in water wells of up to 150 m depth).

​We can assist you in
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